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This includes the way your teeth look along with their health. In our practice, there are multiple options for aesthetic dentistry such as smile whitening, cosmetic bonding, ceramic restorations, Invisalign orthodontics and cosmetic aesthetic dentures. We pride ourselves on being experts in your dental needs, including offering restorative and general dentistry. Dr. Maestro will be able to discuss treatment options for you upon a consultation. 

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Here’s an overview of tooth whitening: the process, options for execution and some things we think you should know before you begin. 

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What is tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening is the process of removing stains from your teeth by applying a special bleaching material that penetrates the outer layer of the enamel and removes stains. Professional tooth whitening systems are facilitated by your dental team. 

What are my options for tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening done in the dental office involves applying a strong peroxide material to your teeth for a period of time determined by your doctor. Professional in-office bleaching provides the most immediate results. This bleach solution is removed at the end of your dental appointment. During the appointment, a laser or other light may be used to increase the effect of in-office bleaching. Whether the light is used or not, you will leave the dental office with noticeably whiter teeth. 

Some dental offices prefer to send you home with a professional tooth whitening kit. This includes your own custom teeth trays plus a supply of peroxide-based tooth bleaching solution. The trays are worn for a period of time each day according to your dentist’s instructions. Generally, the take home kit lasts a few weeks and your teeth become noticeably whiter over this time.

Non-professional bleaching systems have more risk of complications (i.e. tooth sensitivity) and less predictability. 

What are some of the risks of tooth whitening?

There is a risk that your teeth or gums will become sensitive to the bleach solution and you may need to discontinue the treatment before the desired tooth color is achieved. In the most extreme cases, tooth whitening may lead to tooth sensitivity that requires root canal treatment. 

Tooth whitening will not alter the color of existing dental restorations. Sometimes dental work must be replaced if you want it to match your new, lighter teeth after tooth whitening is done.

Poor dental care at home or diets high in staining foods such as coffee, red wine, tea or berries may find their teeth become stained again more quickly than expected. Normally, tooth whitening must be repeated periodically to maintain the brightness of your smile.

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