Invisalign Orthodontics utilizes computer assisted design and a clear “alignment tray system” to move teeth and improve alignment, smile appearance, and bite efficiency. Invisalign Orthodontics allows for patients to receive the straight smile they want in a far less conspicuous manner. It is far more comfortable and convenient than traditional braces – no more irritated gums and cheeks. Self-conscious smiles full of wires and brackets are a thing of the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would I know if I am a candidate for Invisalign Orthodontics?

Today, few cases cannot be treated with Invisalign Orthodontics. A careful exam before beginning will determine if your case is treatable with Invisalign or better suited to conventional orthodontics or a combination of both.

What orthodontic problems can be treated with Invisalign?

Some common orthodontic problems that we are able to treat with Invisalign include:

  • Spacing / Crowding
  • Rotated teeth
  • Uneven bites
  • Skewed dental midlines
  • General misalignment
  • Creating space for lost or missing teeth
Should my case be complex, will I be referred to a capable Orthodontist?

Our goal is a safe treatment course and an acceptable result. If your case is too complex for treatment in our practice, a referral to an Orthodontist well versed in Invisalign Orthodontics will be made.

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  • Somebody walked past me and said, "You know... you’ve got a great smile!" To have someone say that, it made me feel good and made me feel like now I can smile a lot more than I used to.


    - Albany, NY

  • My teeth are brighter, my mouth feels great. I smile a little bit more, with more confidence.


    - Delmar, NY

  • Dr. Maestro and his staff are professional, skilled, and personable. Every time I come here it's like coming home.


    - Albany, NY

  • Coming here is so pleasureable, everyone that you meet is so welcoming, so kind, from the very first moment I walk in I just feel like I’m home.


    - Waterford, NY

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